How to search and secure a job in Canada?

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It is pivotal to explore various strategies to search for a job in Canada and gain insights on various alternatives, prospects, effort, and commitment required, to find a job in Canada. Get consultation on the next steps to take to mature your journey based on your aspirations, during or post COVID-19 pandemic period.

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If you are looking for guidance on how to search for a job in Canada and how to prepare for job interviews in Canada, go ahead and book an appointment.

Before starting to search for a job in Canada, you must analyze your core skills, interest areas, educational background, and specialization, encompassed with transferable skills tailored for the industry and function to start building a job application. It is essential to align employer requirements with candidate skills and aspirations to secure a job in Canada.

There is a lot of preparation and practice required to prepare for a job interview in Canada. It starts with making your elevator pitch followed by training for behavioural interviews, case interviews (if applicable), and technical interviews. Structured examples for the question during a behavioural interview stand-out and helps you to position yourself to secure the job. Demonstration of cultural fit in Canada is an equally important field that required not only preparation but also insight to prepare it adequately. Practicing your examples and being fluent and confident, while positing your stories in a way that it is in alignment with the hiring managers requirements and expectation during the interview can help you get the job offer.

♦ Gain insights on which province should you consider moving to Canada for a better likelihood of getting a job, and how can you make better-informed decisions.

♦ Know what are the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, and how will it affect the job search process.

♦ Get an understanding of what is the expected expenses of moving to Canada, and what is the estimated cost of living. Get insights on how long can one sustain in Canada before getting a job.

♦ Gain insight on how to prepare for job interviews in Canada which include an elevator pitch, behavioural interview and case-study (if applicable).

♦ Know which factors should you consider when preparing for job interviews in Canada, with a focus on how to tailor your professional experience and job profile aspirations to align with the job profile.

♦ Receive guidelines on how to structure your professional experience and examples for a behavioural interview (not limited to the situation, task, action, result, i.e., STAR method).

♦ Identify Industry & Business Function based on your professional aspiration and experience to search for a job in Canada.

♦ Get insights on how to conduct Industry and Business function Research. Receive guidance on how to search and identify job roles and job profiles in Canada of your interest.

♦ Get steer on how to identify skill requirements for the designated job roles and job profiles. Know how to identify and categorize your skills. Get help to identify your transferable skills, which aligns with job role requirement in Canada.

♦ Gain insights on how to do networking to get a job in Canada.

♦ Found a job opening! It’s time to prepare for the job application and ready for an interview.



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