Are you an oil & gas professional, and considering an MBA in Canada?

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With an MBA, you can choose to continue working in the oil & gas industry, or broaden horizons to the energy industry, which includes the renewable energy industry and electric power industry.

You can also transform your career and choose to work for other sectors in a new role. It is pivotal to understand various alternatives, prospects, effort, and commitment required, to make the right decisions.

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If you are an oil & gas professional working in upstream, midstream, or downstream business and looking for guidance on pursuing MBA in Canada, go ahead and book an appointment to consult on how to make it happen!

Pursuing MBA in Canada as an oil & gas experienced professional is a critical decision to make. It’s vital to understand how your career transformation journey may evolve to help you to make better-informed career decisions.

Implications of the COVID-19 pandemic

♦ Understand how COVID-19 can affect your plan to study MBA in Canada.

Career visioning

♦ Gain insight on how to identify your objective of an MBA in Canada.

♦ Is it to accelerate a career within the oil & gas Industry or transform career and move to a new industry in a new business function and a job role?

♦ Is MBA an enabler to help you move to Canada? Perhaps, you want an international study experience?

♦ Identify if an MBA is a right choice for you based on your personal and professional background.

♦ How can an MBA program in Canada help you in career transformation, with a focus on transitioning from the oil & gas industry?

♦ Get perspective on whether you should consider moving to Alberta since it has a large energy sector in Canada or other provinces within Canada.

Prioritizing MBA Schools in Canada

♦ Know which factors should you consider when selecting an MBA School.

♦ Identify various value prepositions on MBA Schools to make a better-informed decision.

Reaching out to MBA alumni

♦ Get insights on how MBA alumni help you to select the right MBA School in Canada?

♦ Know what questions to as MBA alumni to network and get insights on how to select am MBA school.

An MBA vs. Executive MBA

♦ Identify if an MBA or executive MBA in Canada is the right choice for you.

♦ Know which factors should you consider when selecting between an MBA or executive MBA School, with a focus to accelerate your career.

Full-time vs. Part-time MBA

♦ Identify if a full-time or part-time MBA in Canada is the right choice for you and know which factors should you consider, with a focus on optimizing financial and time required to complete the program.

Selecting an MBA specialization

♦ Identify various value prepositions of MBA specialization. Know which factors should you consider when selecting an MBA specialization in Canada.

♦ Get perspective on which Province in Canada will suit you best for a successful career, based on your professional experience.

1-year vs. 2-years MBA

♦ Gain insights on the upside and downside of one year and two years MBA on job search, networking, career development and immigration, i.e., work-permit and PR.

Potential opportunities after an MBA in Canada

♦ Get insights on what are the various industries, business functions and job roles you can move to after completion of the study program.

Personal finance management for an MBA

♦ Gain an understanding of how to make better-informed financial decisions on pursuing an MBA in Canada.

Preparing MBA Application and for interview

♦ Get to know how to prepare an admission application for an MBA School in Canada?

♦ Know what are the considerations for writing an essay for an MBA School admission application.

♦ Gain insights on how to prepare for a video interview for admission to an MBA School?




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